Wu-Tang Sells 1 Exclusive Album for a Million

27 November 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

A Branding Lesson From the Rap gods

Back in March of 2014, Forbes reported that Wu-Tang Clan would sell their unheard album,Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, for millions of dollars to one lucky fan. We heard a small snippet of the LP, which went on a museum tour before going up for auction, and unsurprisingly, some really fucking rich Wu-Tang fan bought it. According to a release, the person who purchased the album is an American collector who paid something in the millions to own the very limited edition item. The album is packaged in a custom-made, nickel-and-silver box and RZA once said that owning it would be: “Like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king.” Someone now wields that scepter, and they paid more money for it thanJack White did when he bought Elvis’ first record earlier this year. The collector also received: a gold-leafed certificate of authenticity and a leather-bound book containing the album’s lyrics and stories behind each song, and a pair of customized speakers worth $55,000, which I guess should be used to listen to the album. Unfortunately, the rest of us plebes won’t be able to hear it for another 88 years.


Source: Stereogum

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