Video: Rihanna “Pour It Up”

02 October 2013,   By ,   0 Comments

Rihanna has been posting behind the scenes pics of her latest video “Pour It Up” for the past week. What possessed her to post a video for a song that’s almost a year old is beyond me. My best guess is that with Miley Cyrus’s MTV awards performance that catapulted twerking into the biggest dance craze to date, it was only right for RiRI to make a video for the one twerk anthem she had on Unapologetic. With all of Riri’s ass clapping and gyrating, Youtube snatched the video off of their servers but I was able to find it on her official website and shared it below.

For all the conspiracy/illuminati theorists out there, I’m sure you’ll have a field with Greek/Roman references in the video. Peep the statue in the background of what I think is Aphrodite/Venus, which explains why there is water in the video. If you’re not up to date on your Greek/Roman mythology catch up on it now with good old Wikipedia.

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