Video: Chris Brown “Don’t Think They Know”

25 June 2013,   By ,   0 Comments

Chris Brown just dropped a new song and video for “Don’t Think They Know” featuring deceased singer Aaliyah. I’m definitely feeling the track 1) because Aaliyah’s on it and 2) because he used 90’s R&B Jon B‘s track “They Don’t Know” as inspiration for the hook. I wasn’t too sure about the concept of the video though. At first it just seemed like Chris made a bad PR move by playing a thug on both sides of LA’s most notorious street gangs, Crips and Bloods. Could he give the press any more ammo to make him look like a complete asshole? But then I watched an interview on his concept behind the video and all was forgiven. He took a page out of the movie Boyz N da Hood and channels Trey when he jumps out car full gang members taking a stance that he didn’t want to be part of gang violence. It still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense with the song but it hey, I’m not asking too many questions at this point. Check out “Don’t Think They Know” and the interview with Chris on the concept below.

“Don’t Think They Know” is a single from his forthcoming album X. No word on a release date but we’ll keep you posted.


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