Top 20 Female Entrepreneur-Friendly Cities

09 September 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

I am not the type of woman that screams “FEMINISM!” at the top of every mountain, but I can say that gender equality in a corporate setting is a hurdle we’ve yet to clear.

Gender equality in the entrepreneurial space is about 100 hurdles.

Although we still have a long way to go, there is a silver lining for all the crazy women out there (like me) who are making the jump to entrepreneurship.  According to INC, these are the top 20 cities that are more progressive in embracing us. Did your city make the list?


1. Chicago

2. Boston

3. San Francisco (Silicon Valley)

4. Los Angeles

5. Montreal

6. Paris

7. Tel Aviv

8. Toronto

9. Singapore

10. Kuala Lumpur

11. London

12. Moscow

13. New York

14. Vancouver

15. Austin

16. Sydney

17. Amsterdam

18. Sao Paulo

19. Bangalore

20. Berlin

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