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dj khaled they dont want

Many of us have watched DJ Khaled’s “journey of more success” on Snapchat. Every day he walks us through his routine, and drops “major keys” of information on how he achieved success. He’s pretty entertaining, and if you need another reason to follow him Complex compiled his antics here.  With that being said, there are some things that factor into DJ Khaled’s Snapchat success that he’s not saying. Even if you’re not a DJ that shamelessly promotes himself, there are still plenty of valuable lessons that any creative entrepreneur can take away:

Major Key #1: He’s an Early Adopter

Snapchat is quickly turning into the go-to social medium (and still growing). Khaled was smart enough to see the potential early on and take advantage of gaining attention without competing with the clutter you’ll find on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. He also used the platform in an innovative way that can’t really be done on other social mediums: he shows the “boring” day-to-day stuff that wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining elsewhere. Before Snapchat, social media was typically used to highlight the interesting things people do, and give a false perception that everyone’s lives were more exciting than they actually were in real life. You won’t see too much bottle poppin’ and groupie love on Khaled’s snapchat. 80% of his snaps are of him eating and watering his plants. Yep. Social media is taking a turn in the right direction, starting with Khaled.

dj khaled key


Major Key #2: He’s Repetitive

To succeed in anything, repetition is crucial. Khaled pretty much does the same thing every time you watch his snaps. He eats his turkey bacon, egg whites, wheat toast, and drinks water every morning. He waters his plants and talks to “LION!”. Chef D prepares him a lunch that is enough to feed a family of 10, and then he goes jet skiing. In between all of these daily rituals, he gives positive reinforcement and motivation. Doing the same thing every day, at the same time every day turns into a system that is almost fail-proof if you stick to it. In terms of marketing, repetition is vital to getting your message out and building a strong following. He also repeats certain signature phrases over and over that continue to go viral.


Major Key #3: He’s a Story Teller

“Walk with me on the journey to the path of more success” is the first thing you hear DJ Khaled say before he starts his day. Snapchat is the perfect platform to “tell a story” and he has mastered it. If you’re trying to promote yourself on Snapchat, the best way to use it is to show progression. Any good story has four basic parts: Introduction, Build Up, Climax, and Resolution.  If you’re trying to use Snapchat to promote yourself, be sure to give thought to your snap, and try to keep that structure in mind. If you’re randomly snapping selfies, your cat, and your lunch, it will probably only be entertaining to your closest friends.

dj khaled snap meme


Major Key #4: He’s Transparent

Khaled does an amazing job of connecting personally with his fans, and letting them into what he’s like outside of his job. If you’re trying to brand yourself, you’ll have a hard time connecting with a potential fan or customer if you’re not letting them in (even if only in a small way) to who you are as a person. Decades ago, creatives could market themselves separately without giving away too much information on their personal lives. Those days are gone.  It’s a little nerve racking for introverts who want to keep to themselves, but I actually like that people are not blindly buying into things anymore without knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. Customers and fans want to know who they are giving their money to, so if you’re not showing your face every now and then you’re going to have a hard time running a business.


Major Key #5: He’s Positive

Spreading positivity is not only great for business but more importantly will allow you to sleep better at night. Khaled’s simple-yet-optimistic messages have caught on like wildfire and everyone is tuning in. I have to admit, there are times where I have been way more productive after watching DJ Khaled’s snaps. So don’t be negative. Don’t play yourself.

ty dolla sign fangin

Ty Dolla $ign’s highly anticipated album “Free TC” is finally here and there is free album stream. The LP is jam packed with industry heavy hitters and veterans including Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Didd, Wiz Khalifa, Fetty Wap, and R.Kelly.

The album was dedicated to his brother, TC, who is currently incarcerated. “I called my album Free TC, because I’m on a mission to free my brother TC. He’s been wrongly accused & by releasing this album, I want to raise awareness to the racial & social injustices & mass incarceration that’s going on in our country right now. This is more than just an album; it’s a movement,” said Ty Dolla Sign in a press release.

Stream it above.

erykah badu

Erykah Badu has finally hit us with a new song called “Phone Down”. The song is off of her upcoming mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone, due on Thanksgiving weekend. Badu also gave a nod to Drake leaving the note “This one’s for Aubrey”. She’s definitely channeling the 6 god on this one.


PARTYNEXTDOOR surprised us all over the weekend with an unexpected release of a project called PARTYNEXTDOOR 3. PND3 is a follow up to his two mixtapes PND and PND2. Party kept his signature sound but it still sounds like he’s going a slightly different direction with this one. I’m a hug fan, but these definitely sound like a compilation of throw away tracks? You can stream it in full above.

Stream: Bryson Tiller ‘Trap Soul’ Album

Bryson Tiller has been generating some buzz with a slew of singles including “Don’t”, “Sorry Not Sorry”, and “Let ‘Em Know” that were released on his SoundCloud over the past few months. Now the R&B crooner is slated to release his debut album Trap Soul on October 4th but has made a stream available until then.

Head over to Apple Music now to stream Trap Soul before it’s October release.

Download Drake and Future Joint Album


Drake and Future just released What A Time to Be Alive, and will not disappoint you. They might just change cuffing season to turn up season. We can thank Boi-1da, Southside, Noah “40″ Shebib,  Metro Boomin’, and more for the ridiculous production. Drake on the What A Time to Be Alive:

 “I went to Atlanta for six days a couple weeks ago with the hopes of doing some songs with Future, and when you get around Future, it’s like a vortex, that guy can outwork anybody right now. It’s tough to see someone do four, five songs in one night and not try to match it.”

You can preview and download it now on iTunes.



The internet has been broken once again. Drake and Future have confirmed a joint album What A Time to Be Alive.

For the past few weeks, Drake and Future fans have been in an uproar when a rumor started circulating that the two turn up kings might be collaborating on a joint album. Future took to Instagram to announce that they would be joining forces for an LP called What A Time to Be Alive.  This is probably one of the most anticipated collabs since Jay Z and R Kelly’s joint album Best of Both Worlds. I don’t typically pay to see rappers perform but if they went on tour, this would be the one exception.

There’s no confirmed release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

A video posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Press Play: Ca$hio x Maybe – Omw! feat Sweet Sound

Never heard of these guys? Well, now you have. Omw! (On My Way in text language for all those non-millennials) is a collaborative effort of these three artists.  To give you a little background, Ca$hio was associated with the development and production of Dallas rapper/singer phenom Post Malone.  Soon after, he found and began developing Sweet Sound.  The birth of this banger came when Ca$hio teamed up with production partner Maybe? and enlisted the talents of Sweet Sound.  It doesn’t stop there though as Rex Kudos came in to add his skills to the production as well. Listen for the heavy bass, trap drums and abstract samples that roll through the progressive tempo on this track.  To give you an idea of Omw! ‘s sound, it’s somewhere between Travi$ Scott and G-Eazy but it definitely stands on its own right. Check it out:

Ovo artist, PARTYNEXTDOOR, drops a random floater track called “No Feelings” featuring buzzing rapper Travis Scott. The song premiered on Apple’s OVO Sound Radio Show. He also released four tracks that were a follow up to his last two projects PARTNEXTDOOR and PARTYNEXTDOOR Two. Let’s hope there’s another album or mixtape coming soon…

Miguel Release Three New Songs to End 2014


Miguel is officially back. The R&B crooner finishes out the year with three brand spankin new tracks entitled “NWA” featuring West Coast veteran Kurupt, “Hollywood Dreams”, and “Coffee”. This is a great way to end your week.

Drake X Rich Homie Quan “Tell Me Why”


Hot off the heels of an eight new songs being released, Rich Homie Quan drops another track called “Tell Me Why” featuring Drake.