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Sango released the third and final installment of his Da Rocinha series. Aptly titled Da Rocinha 3, it combines hip-hop sounds with Brazilian funk like its preceding parts. The producer reveals that the album “is about keeping the funk carioca roots true and paying homage to the ones that helped start it. I want to respect and show Rocinha in a positive light with this record while staying true to my sound.” If you’re feeling the record, make sure to cop the entire release for $1 for all 19 tracks via Bandcamp.

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“The Dustbowl Revival” Experience

Walking through the door of the Mint on Wednesday night was like walking thru a time warp.
You are transported into the 1930s, where swing dancers take the dance floor, moving perfectly in time to the jiving music performed on the welcoming stage, packed with musicians.

And who do you hear on stage?
‘The Dustbowl Revival,’ a big band that epitomizes the definition of jazz.
Flexible, rhythmic, solo and ensemble improvisations effortlessly weave in and out of the music. Each song is enthusiastic and miscellaneous; it is impossible to not be carried away by it. ‘The Dustbowl Revival’ has a residency currently at the Mint for the month of May. Every Wednesday night various members of their band can be seen upon that stage entertaining their eager fans swaying keenly to the animated tunes.

Before the show I talked with Zach Lupetin, the bands ring leader. He invited to me to join a dinner he was preparing before the performance with some of his friends. Not knowing anyone there I did not know what to expect.
My slight worry was quickly forgotten when entering the house. I was struck by Zach’s easygoing nature that thrives on the unexpected. Just as he incorporates change in his musical style, integrating different combinations of the bands musicians each night; so was the format of his dinner party. Only two or three people out of a party of ten knew each other before hand.
“This is like a strange movie getting out of hand!” stated Zach, clearly thrilled by the parallel.
Yet there were no uncomfortable moments. Good food, adequate amounts of wine, and wonderful conversation with diverse people made the evening pass quickly. Then a five-minute walk to the Mint where Zach was then to be seen orchestrating a new assortment of people, this time musically.
“I pride myself on being versatile,” Zach mentioned, “It keeps it exciting, introducing new people.”
Zach has been living in Los Angeles for five years, and the band is roughly that age. He listened to blues, jazz, and Big Band genres when he was growing up. After college he moved west with the ambition of combining all his favorite styles of music into a band.
He attributes the success of ‘The Dustbowl Revival’ to its versatility, and the loyalty of its fans.
“Authentic roots music has exploded and is expected now. There’s a need for it in LA.”
‘The Dustbowl Revival’ is getting such great word of mouth that they are able to start touring now, playing venues all around the country, from Montana to DC. “It’s become a little business. The hardest part is the logistics, getting places.”

When I asked Zach what his goals for the band are he shrugged, “Better venues, better cities, and better bands to perform with.” The contentment of the bands leader has allowed for it to ascent to exactly what defined his aspirations. It’s not a one-dimensional goal; it is a vision that continues its ascent with each new performance they give.

The impression one should be left of ‘The Dustbowl Revival’ is they live their lives like they play their music: embracing variation, unpredictability, great people/musicians and the need for a good time. Just know that with ‘The Dustbowl Revival’ you are always welcome.

Video: Grizzly Bear “Gun-Shy”

Grizzly Bear’s latest music video for the track “Gun-Shy,” off of their 2012 release Shields literally makes you want to SHIELD your eyes—but at the same time, you can’t look away. The video, directed by Kris Moyes, mesmerizes as various unidentifiable organisms are seen at the microscopic level. One might even call it “trippy” at times. The beginning scenes depict band members Chris Bear, Edward Droste, Daniel Rossen, and Chris Taylor as they undergo what appear to be several painful medical tests. One scene early on shows one of the members as he gets hair plucked from his scalp while another zeroes in on a syringe entering flesh. Needless to say, I was flinching.

See if you find yourself flinching as much as I did as you watch the video below.