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How Kelis Successfully Transitioned from Singer to Chef

Wait. Kelis is a chef? Like a real one?

You heard right. Kelis is a chef and one you should take seriously. Most entertainers that have reached a certain level of stardom very rarely make a huge career change. The ones that do don’t always transition well, and there are a lot of rough patches that you go through to adjust.  Kelis has went through this journey and came out on top. The singer has been a professional musician since the age of 17, and found success with her most notable hits being “I’m Bossy” and “Milkshake”.  Despite her success, she made the decision to explore her passion for cooking and enrolled in Le Cordon Blue Culinary School in 2008. According to an interview she did with LA Weekly, Kelis helped her mother with a catering business as a child, and amassed a list of recipes when she was touring, so this transition was not completely out of the blue. Here are a few of her quotes from the interview:


“It opened up my life, made me feel like I can do something else..in the music industry, everyone lives like we’re saving the world. Music is healing, but the reality is it’s very self-centered,” she says. “To be good at it, you have to be egotistical, and it doesn’t equip you for much else.

“This was the first time no one cared that I sold this many records or that I am sort of famous, and it was a relief,” she adds. “When I graduated, the chef said, ‘We thought you were going to be a total bitch, but you worked really hard and we’re proud to say you went here.’ It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


And her culinary accomplishments since then, prove that she made the right choice.  In 2013 she launched a line of sauces called Feast (which has now been renamed Bounty & Full). She’s also had a number of specials on the Cooking Channel. Now she has released her very first cook book entitled My Life On a Plate. Not to mention, she released an album FOOD, that turned out to be a great branding initiative that helped her fans make the transition with her.


Today was the last day ! I’m so tired , but it’s that good hard work pays off kinda tired 😉

A photo posted by Kelis (@sausageandboots) on


“The book was super-stressful,” Kelis says. “I was in boot camp and in sheer panic doing 10 recipes a day. I didn’t let anyone in the kitchen or let them eat the food or touch ingredients in the fridge. It was really, really intense. It’s way harder than making an album.”

Hats off to Kelis breaking out of her own limitations. It’s difficult for most, but for someone who changes her hairstyles like she changes underwear, taking a risk is not out of character for her. Head over to LA Weekly, for the full article.

Little Dragon Covers Kelis ft. Andre 3000 “Millionaire”


Little Dragon couldn’t have picked a perfect cover than the Kelis/Andre 3000 track “Millionaire”. The synthy quirky vibe of the track fits Yukimi’s vocals like a hand in glove. Watch it above.

Album Stream: Kelis ‘FOOD’

Kelis serves up a free streaming of a her latest album, FOOD, a week before its release. Stream it in full below. Head over to Songkick for for tour dates in US and UK.

Video: Kelis “Rumble”

Kelis finally lets loose a visual for her single “Rumble” that premiered on MTV today, and her creativity does not disappoint. The track comes from her upcoming album F.O.O.D. If you haven’t heard her other single “Jerk Ribs” stream it here. Watch “Rumble” below.

F.O.O.D. will be released April 22nd, 2014.

New Leak: Kelis Rumble

While we all patiently wait for Kelis’s new album, FOOD, she drops a new track “Rumble” to hold us over. After hearing her other leaks, Morning and Jerk Ribs along with this new one, I’m getting the feeling that we can expect a very minimalist vintage approach to this album- something very different Kelis’s futuristic electronic sound. All three tracks have a very strip down simplicity to them, whether its her singing over just a piano or a few other basic instruments.


FOOD is slated to drop April 22nd, 2014.

FOOD Track List:

01 Breakfast
02 Jerk Ribs
03 Forever Be
04 Floyd
05 Runnin’
06 Hooch
07 Cobbler
08 Bless The Telephone
09 Fish Fry
10 Change
11 Rumble
12 Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy
13 Dreamer

Kelis’s Take On Her Album FOOD

Kelis food b n w

We’ve all been anticipating Kelis’s upcoming album, FOOD, that we now know is due out some time in April. Thanks to NME we now have a quote from Kelis on what we can expect from the new project.

“I learned a lot… I learned to trust my instincts. In terms of everything, but as far as music goes, don’t overthink it. Do what’s right, just do it. It’s a good album. It doesn’t sound like anything else. You will hear me as you’ve never heard me before and… it’ll take you back to the essence of an era that doesn’t exist any longer.”

Kelis has leaked a few tracks from FOOD already, one of our favorites being “Jerk Ribs”. You can stream it below and you can head over toHip Hop Early to download the track.


Kelis “Given a Morning” Track Surfaces

Kelis in studio 2013

We have been long overdue for an album by Kelis, but things are looking up for her fans this year. The singer announced she will be releasing a new LP, FOOD, a few months ago and now another track has surfaced, “Given a Morning”, from an unknown source. The song is a polar opposite to the synthy Neptune’s sound we’re used to hearing that don’t really show Kelis’s vocal ability. “Given a Morning” is more of a jazz ballad with a few simple piano chords and instruments. We’re not sure if this cut will make it to the album, but it definitely shows Kelis’s range and versatility. My guess is that this entire album will take a completely different direction as well. If you haven’t heard the funky track, “Jerk Ribs”, she released earlier this year check that out below too. If you like it, you can download it on her official website.

No word on an official release date for FOOD, but we know it should be coming within the next month or two.

Dan Black ft. Kelis “Hearts”

The only thing better than hearing from a great artist who breaks a long silence, is hearing from two great artists put out  a song together after a long hiatus. British artist, Dan Black, came out of nowhere today with a new single “Hearts” the features the raspy-voiced beauty Kelis. No word on any projects yet from either of these two but it’d be nice to hear from them this year.