Stream: Kelela ‘Cut 4 Me’ Mixtape

01 October 2013,   By ,   2 Comments

Kelela cut 4 me mixtape cover

Listening to Kelela takes me back to the days when  artists like Ghost Town DJ and INOJ were booming in my stereo speakers. I was about ten or eleven when these groups infiltrated the air waves, so I was too young to enjoy them at a house party or club. Regardless, tracks like “My Boo” and “Shorty Swing My Way” are still in heavy rotation for me almost two decades later. Kelela’s newest mixtape Cut 4 Me conjures up that nostalgic feeling I get from 90’s R&B but also makes a sound of her own. She has a smoother, abmient way about her but it still has that bounce that I love. The slower tempo of her songs won’t stop DJ’s worldwide from having a field day making them into more up tempo party-ready tracks. Stream and download Cut 4 Me below.


  1. […] R&B singer Kelela slayed the end of 2013 with her Fade To Mind-released mixtape CUT 4 ME.  You can thank some of the grime-infused production on tracks “Guns and Synth” and […]

  2. […] Kelela is back with another track, “Rewind”, that is reminiscent of 90’s R&B. I’m looking forward to the new album Hallucinogen. The album is a follow up to her debut project, Cut 4 Me.  […]

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