Quote of the Day

16 September 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

Our ideas are very much alive and go through similar life cycles that we do. They start out as babies- wide eyed with pie-in-the-sky attitudes, and the purest beginnings. Then “reality” hits. Without realizing it, they ingest people’s negative opinions, limitations, societal programming, information overload, and doubt. All of this “garbage” continue to tarnish our idea and it seems harder and harder to stay optimistic. Our ideas go through a self identity crisis similar to what we experience in middle school: awkward, brace-faced and unsure of itself, constantly trying to measure up to its peers. If you can get your idea through its painful prepubescent stage, it only gets better as it matures. If you truly believe you have an amazing idea, don’t water it down so that it fits into the little box reality says to put it in. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing. Remain comfortable in your in skin, even when it’s not so comfortable. It may be difficult to stay positive but it’s not impossible. Push through it. This is not to say things won’t change. Evolving will feel natural. Conforming won’t. You’ll know the difference.


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