How Did We Miss Seu Jorge ‘The Model’

06 February 2014,   By ,   0 Comments

Seu Jorge sitting on street

Somehow I  missed the fact that Seu Jorge aka “Knock-out Ned”, one of my favorite favorite characters from indie film City of God, was also a big singer in Brazil.

Credited with helping to reinvent samba for a modern audience, 40-year-old Seu Jorge has always taken a dualistic approach to his art: During the early 2000s, he not only debuted his breakthrough solo record, which heavily referenced Brazil’s musical heroes Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben Jor, but also pursued an acting career—delivering a scene-stealing performance as the vigilante hero “Knockout Ned” in the Oscar-nominated City of God and earning a cult following doing Portuguese covers of Bowie classics in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

Jorge created two short films based entitled The Model based on the last LP  Seu Jorge and Almaz. The Model is divided into two chapters; the first, “Marcello in Limbo” (shown above) features a live snippet of the band’s languorous take on Roy Ayers’ “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” and follows Jorge’s saunter through the house in one take. The second, “Oshun and the Dream” explores Jorge’s character’s struggle with his muse The Model, who continually beckons him in lucid dreams. Check out both below and watch a short clip of him as “Knock out Ned” in City of God.

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