Game of Throne’s Daario Naharis was a Rapper?

20 May 2013,   By ,   0 Comments

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, Second Sons, was one of my favorites for the season so far. There were two high points in the show that made my Sunday night 1) Tyrions drunken rage and threatening to cut of Prince Jeoffrey’s jewels (Tyrion please make that happen)  and 2) Bringing another fresh new face Daario Naharis (Ed Skrein) whose already shaping up to be Daenerys’s reincarnated version of her man Drogo (Jason Momoa). RIP! Just when I thought no one could replace my hot barbaric warrior, Daario comes along and wins me over in with one swing of his braided hair. Not long after the show was over, I do what I always do when I see something that catches my eye: GOOGLE SEARCH.

Actor Ed Skrein plays the character of Mr. Naharis and what do you know…he was a rapper. I’m not sure if you can even picture that but it’s true. Youtube never lies. Surprisingly enough, he’s not as horrible as I imagined and apparently had quite a buzz overseas. Check him out below.

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