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Behind The Scenes: Angeleno Artistry Founder Zack Holland

After doing the in-depth interview with Founder of Angeleno Artistry Zack Holland, we knew we had to stay in touch. Shortly after, we had the privilege to sit down with him for the latest edition of our Behind The Scenes series.

As you may have read, Zack is the CEO and founder of Angeleno Artistry, an online art marketplace where emerging and established artists can sell prints of their work (or commissioned pieces) to a wider audience.  On top of that, Angeleno Artistry took it one step further to give the buyer and seller piece of mind in knowing that a portion of the proceeds go to PS Arts, an organization founded to put art programs back into underfunded public schools. Since Zack’s a close friend of ours, we got right down to it and went Behind the Scenes to hear what 5-10 artifacts he pulled for us from his past or present to make him who he is today:

Zack’s Artifacts

1. Giving Key Necklace:

I don’t usually wear jewelry, but this necklace from the Los Angeles company ‘Giving Key’ is an exception. Each piece is a unique recycled key with a word imprinted on it: mine says ‘breathe’. I have a tendency to become frustrated with how much I want to get done in a limited amount of time, and the reminder to take a breath and relax has been a great help. Giving Key was started by a group of homeless teens, and still exclusively employs and uses the proceeds to benefit homeless or formerly homeless teens here in LA.

2. Patagonia Pullover:

Yvon Chouinard’s vision for an environmentally friendly company that pushed the boundaries of style and quality, yet gave back in an authentic manner, trailblazed the path for many of the social entrepreneurs working today. He has always been a role model of mine, and I support Patagonia as a result; that and this sweater is just too damn comfortable to take off.

3. Passport:

Since I was three years old, travel has been an integral piece of my life. Whether it was Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Europe, or the US, my parents loved to experience new cultures and committed a large portion of their lives to helping those in need. That became an inescapable part of my DNA, and I share the same fire to help those that are less fortunate than I am, whether that’s down the street here in LA or abroad. Last trip: Japan 2015; next up: Poland and the Czech Republic this November.

4. Bluetooth:

Despite the fact that it makes me look like a tool businessman from the 1990’s, I cannot stand to talk on the phone on anything else other than my Logitech bluetooth headpiece. It’s such a piece of my daily routine that I often go hours without even realizing I’m wearing it, until I start to pick up the looks from random passerby who want nothing to do with my lack of fashion sense.

5. iPod Classic:

Despite the existence of Spotify, Pandora, 8tracks, Apple Music, and whatever else the kids are using these days, my favorite way to listen to music is still my good old iPod Classic. I have over 100,000 songs, mostly classic rock and old school hip-hop, and still prefer to listen to albums straight through from start to finish.

6. Mario Kart Game:

“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” right? Some of the best memories I have of the past five years are nights when, instead of going out to bars or off to parties, my friends and I stayed in, ordered pizza, and played MarioKart for an ungodly amount of time. Besides being competition wrapped in nostalgia, it’s a pleasant reminder that I am indeed slightly better than all of my friends at something. Long Live Toad.

7. Photo:

This picture is usually on my desk or taped up on the wall at work; it’s a shot of my little brother, Ben, our grandfather, Ray Moss, and I. My grandfather is my hero and I aspire to be like him, and my little brother is one of the main reasons why I strive to do that. Ray was a successful entrepreneur and businessman at a young age, but above that, is the definition of what I see as a true man: a generous, patient provider who unconditionally loves his family and is always smiling. He never missed a single football game of mine.

8. Chuck Taylors:

Lastly, I just had to include a pair of chucks. Besides perfectly fitting my pancake-flat feet, Chuck Taylors are the longest-running and highest-selling style of shoe ever. They function as a constant reminder to craft my personal style but also that of the products we create to be something that is simple, timeless, and fad-proof. No man-buns here.

1o Quotes Of Inspiration: In Defense of Kanye West

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is one of the most influential people in pop culture and has been for more than a decade.  He can’t seem stay out of the news for more than a week and that’s exactly how he likes it.

Us at The Sampler, we tend to love Kanye.  Whenever you say that in public to someone who doesn’t agree, though, they always seem to bring up every stance they can remember that Kanye’s ever taken and quiz you on if you side with EACH ONE.  Well, Kanye-hater, no I don’t agree with everything he says. For instance, his opinions on who should win a Grammy are often subjective and misplaced.  That’s where people usually take a stance against Kanye because a Taylor Swift fan will see his Taylor Swift vs. Beyoncé moment and instantly hate him.  But they’re missing his main point that The Grammys is undeniably a false rating system.  The “ratings” they care about are how many people are watching the show, not whether the “ratings” they give the artists in their categories are correct to what happened that year. The Grammys is a business that needs to make a profit, it’s very simple.

For those that see past what he says and instead see what he does, we appreciate him.  Not many people on this Earth have such confidence in themselves that they’ll work their ass off to be one of the top people in pop culture. And not only did Kanye do that, while often times being his only supporter, once he gets there he risks it all with comments like “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” that will cause an entire nation to readdress itself, and whether they still like you if you are the bold one who makes the bold statements.  What we appreciate about West is that he speaks from his heart and believes in himself, regardless of whether we believe in him or not. This single simple trait is what has given him Entertainment Weekly’s Album of the Decade, 21 Grammys, and an overall extremely successful career as a clothing designer.  And this trait is something that is definitely lacking in the general public.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.15.17 AM

So in honor of this fearless figure at the top of culture, we’ve compiled some of his best quotes below.  Try and read these with your bias put to the side and see if they resonate with you:

 1.  “If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.”


2.  “I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me, as if there’s a ‘one size fits all’ standard for happiness.”


3.  “I want the world to be better! All I want is positive! All I want is dopeness!”


4.  “If I don’t scream, if I don’t say something, then no one is going to say anything.”


5.  “My greatest award is what I’m about to do.”


6.  “People always tell you ‘be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!”


7.  “Justice could just be clearing a path for people to dream properly.”


8.  “I just have to look as say, ‘What do I have to lose?’ We only have everything to gain.”


9.  “Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?”


10.  “Criticism can both you but you should be more bothered if there’s no criticism. That means you’re too safe.”



5 Essentials for Freelancers to Work Smarter Instead of Harder

When you realize you have more skills than the person working above you, it’s hard to go back to work day in and day out.  That’s when the idea of freelancing comes to mind.  It sounds great, doesn’t it? Working for yourself, making your own hours, setting your price…

But without the bosses above you and the accountants besides you, it means you have to carry out the smaller tasks to keep your business running all by yourself! A little consideration ahead of time goes a long way.  So before you take the leap, think over these 5 essentials we found on Entrepreneur.com. There’s a few things you need to know but as soon as you read this article, you should be good to go:


1. Find a Task System That Works For You

Staying organized is one of the most important steps to being successful. You simply cannot afford to let tasks fall through the cracks or deadlines pass you by. It is up to you to stay on top of everything, so you have to find a method that works for you.

There are tons of tools on the market to help you keep track of all your tasks, so it is really a matter of finding what works best for your work style. If you are a visual person, Trello is a good choice, but if you like lists consider a platform like Wunderlist. If good old pen and paper works for you, use that.

2. Stay On Top Of Financials.

One of the scariest parts of going out on your own is figuring out the money. You have to make sure you save enough for taxes, get paid on time, track expenses, and remember to send out invoices. It is a hassle, and you may not feel like you have a head for numbers, particularly if you are freelancing in a more creative field.

But, to be successful staying on top of your finances is vital.

I highly recommend using a finance program that will help you stay organized. Some of the programs will help you save money on PayPal fees, track late payments, and even track hours you spend on each job. A few popular programs are:


3. Stay Focused

The good news is, as a freelancer you can work in your pajamas all day. The bad news is, as a freelancer you can work in your pajamas all day. With all the freedom in the world, distractions can become super tempting. And with no boss over your shoulder, it can become very difficult to stay focused and get work done.

You need to figure out how you work best and put yourself in the optimal situation each and every day.

This might mean working from a coffee shop, getting dressed in professional clothing, checking email once a day, renting space at a co-working site, or using white noise. Find what works best for you and stick to it.

4. Take Breaks

When you are down to the deadline, taking a break seems counter-intuitive. Doesn’t it make more sense to power through and just get the job done?

Actually, it may take you even longer than if you stopped to let your brain rest.

Taking a break helps your brain focus better, prevents burn out, and helps you stay on task. It also helps you make better food choices, which can help you control weight gain. There are lots of benefits to taking breaks, even just a few minutes each hour.

Step away, stretch your back, and you just might find a new perspective.

5. Ask For Advice

There are almost 53 million freelancers in the US, which means there are 53 million people out there who have all taken the leap to becoming a freelancer/entrepreneur. Ask others for advice if you need something. I’ve done this over the years. The more I humble myself and admit that I don’t know everything… the easier it is to get exactly the information I need. Find and network with these people.

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, to make your own schedule, and to accept work that excites you. But, it is also up to you to make sure you stay organized and handle all the tasks associated with running a business. Instead of getting overwhelmed by it all, use these tips to work faster and smarter.

Do you have a few minutes to watch a normal-looking guy try and change the world?

Manoj Bhargava may be normal-looking but there’s at least one thing about him that isn’t normal… his wallet.  He has a net worth of roughly $4 billion and growing because he’s the founder of 5-Hour Energy.  5-Hour Energy, if you’re unfamiliar, is a revolutionary product that both shook up the energy drink industry and created its own lane with the energy shot market (which Forbes claims 5-Hour Energy owns 90% of). This man did all of this with only one year of Princeton under his belt!
Now he has pledged to give back 99% of his wealth ($3,960,000,000) in focused efforts to effect the world’s most pressing issues. After I watched this trailer, my mind was blown.  Check it out below and if you want to watch the entire movie, click here! It’s FREE on YouTube!
All I can say is, if you don’t know… now you know.

10 Tips to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Most people view being a self-made millionaire as such an unattainable goal.  The truth is, these days its easier than ever to have multiple revenue streams at the same time that earn you money in creative fun ways!  But the myth of being a millionaire is that it affords you more money than you can dream of what to do with!… Not true.  
However, it does keep things comfy for yourself and those around you and at the end of the day, thats a goal worth striving for.  We found this awesome article on inc.com and thought we’d share it with you. Time to take notes on the 10 tips to become a self-made millionaire…

1. They don’t live like millionaires

What we mean is, they don’t spend the way most people you would conceive as millionaires do. Those people who spend money like it’s going out of style generally end up broke. They must file for bankruptcy and get rid of their fancy house, cars, and materials to pay their debt. Self-made millionaires know the value in not spending all their money. They know waiting for what you want and saving for what you need is the only way to get there.


2. They are cheap

More than not, when you meet millionaires, they are penny pinchers. They will be a little more stingy with their money. And that is OK! You don’t have to help every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there! They are wise with their money. Some of them are maybe a bit like Scrooge. You don’t have to be so extreme, but don’t spend every penny you have, just because you have it.


3. They give to charity

Charitable donations not only help the conscience, they also help when tax season comes around. Those who give sizeable donations to charitable organizations, and have receipts for it, can take those contributions off their taxes. It is a win-win-win, right?


4. They invest

Millionaires know that money sitting is just that — money sitting. It isn’t doing anything for you. Even if you don’t invest it, but you put it into a high interest account, it is more likely to accrue money for you later on than money in your pocket. When you get a paycheck, allocate what you need for bills and living, but put 10 percent into investments or savings.


5. They earn a little more

These are the people who are not afraid to go ask their bosses for a raise. They know how to work more hours at their job just to get that paycheck a little bit higher. They know how to do whatever it takes not to have to live paycheck to paycheck, because they put in the effort.


6. Get an education

Although you will see some who do not get an education, the majority of millionaires see the value of an education, in getting a better job and compensated more for their work. School is expensive, but so is getting to millionaire status.


7. They work side jobs

Many millionaires work one to three jobs, and their spouses do the same thing. They work as much as they can to bring home as much as they can.


8. They marry well

Not that they marry rich. They marry someone with the same goals and value of money as their own. Their spouses may be as frugal, or even more so. That is the measure of good millionaires. They know how to become millionaires together.


9. They are organized

They know where every penny goes. They know what each of their assets are doing. They do their own money managing. Do you think they would let someone who may potentially mess it all up take care of their money?


10. They teach their children

Millionaires teach their children how to work hard and be millionaires. Their children know how to save for and earn what they want.

5 Insights Of True Leadership From Elon Musk

Former Head of Talent Acquisition for SpaceX, Dolly Singh, spent quite a bit of time working right under Elon Musk.  In her article, she details working for the legendary entrepreneur during the initial struggles SpaceX had with getting a rocket into space.  During this time, pressures were mounting as efforts were failing and the company was running out of money fast.  Elon’s interplanetary dream seemed doomed… However, he understood that his persistence alone wasn’t enough to get a rocket into space and it is only because of his excellent leadership that he inspired almost 400 SpaceX employees to do the impossible.  From Dolly’s awesome article, we’ve compiled the five most inspiring things that Elon Musk exhibited as a  true leader would to rally a company to accomplish more than they could imagine:


1. Don’t Sacrifice Your Intuition

-If you know you have a good idea, stick by it. As a matter of fact, expect “nay-sayers” but be analyze who is saying what.  If your competitors are spreading doubt about your plans, you’re probably doing something right.


2. Don’t Get Discouraged By Failures Along The Way

-SpaceX started out with only a $100M personal investment from Elon himself. It was just enough to fund three test flights and guess what, SpaceX’s worst fears came true and all three failed.  But Elon had built enough momentum and inspired enough people to not give up that enough investments came in to fund a fourth flight. And the fourth was a huge success.


3. Lead With Confidence, Your Followers Will Need It

-Elon Musk rallied 350 or so employees who were about to lose their jobs and at their wit’s end to come back and work 70-80+ hour weeks to complete a fourth, and successful flight.


4. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Inspiration

-When Elon rallied his team from a catastrophic failure to a dramatic fourth flight, they succeeded because they did the “impossible”. They diagnosed the previous launch failure in hours, combing through data that usually takes weeks or months to decipher. Next, they built the new rocket.  Not in the usual 6 months but in six weeks, with than 400 people on a budget. Unheard of.


5. Expect More

-For a man to choose to simultaneously take on the auto industry and the space industry (arguably two of the most capital-intensive and difficult industries possible), he must not be normal. Turns out that’s exactly right, Elon Musk isn’t normal.  He expects an unprecedented amount of hard work out of the people beneath him because he knows that’s what it takes and he knows he will lead by example.  So far in his ventures, he is proving everybody wrong and revolutionizing the world in the process.  As another modern icon once said, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.


Inside Angeleno Artistry with Founder Zack Holland: Exclusive Interview

The Sampler recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with a person we respect and admire on many levels. He’s a businessman with heart on a truly inspired mission to serve the community in innovative ways. His name is Zack Holland and he’s a serial entrepreneur with a mind that’s always renewing and refreshing what’s possible. His current project is what’s taking up the majority of his time and we really wanted to know more about it.




Angeleno Artistry

Zack has been able to marry the beauty of the arts with the profit-motive of business, all while giving back a bit of the proceeds in the process. His company aims to shake up the art industry by connecting emerging and established artists with new buyers using nothing more than the current technology at all of our fingertips. It’s called Angeleno Artistry and it’s a modern platform for the purchase of affordable artwork from some of the best and brightest upcoming artists in Los Angeles, California. As a city exploding with culture and color, LA is the perfect backdrop for the timeless and contemporary style found in the pieces they feature.


…Giving Back

In order to give back to the city, each purchase on Angeleno Artistry helps fund art classes for elementary school students who attend schools where the arts have been cut due to budgeting. Since they launched in September 2014, Angeleno Artistry has funded over 500 hours of art classes in underserved schools and they currently work with over fifty artists of a wide range of styles, from street art to fine art photography. As Zack puts it, it’s ARTWORK with an IMPACT.



Interview Q&A

In the interview beneath, Zack touches on the biggest moments in the company’s history, the struggles of a entrepreneurship and how important partnering up for a good cause is to him. Hear the exchange as we sat captivated by the impact Zack has already made and is intent on building upon:
TS: When did you found AA?

ZH: We began working on the idea of Angeleno Artistry in late 2013, and went live on September 2014


TS: What is your title within the company?

ZH: Founder, Creative Director


TS: How many artists do you currently represent?

ZH: We’ve had the opportunity of working with over fifty artists over the past year; the work ranges from contemporary pop art, to street art, to fine art photography, and even to poetry.


TS: Are they all from LA?

ZH: Yes – Angeleno Artistry is a celebration of culture and style in Los Angeles – so each artist lives and works in the area.


TS: How has the partnership with PS Arts been so far?

ZH: PS ARTS is an incredible organization filled with very hardworking and talented people. My favorite aspect of the organization is that they always rank very high in actual donation-to-output ratio, so the money that people donate to them is actually used for what they broadcast, instead of being caught up in messy corporate bureaucracy like what unfortunately happens to some other non-profits. They currently fund and provide art classes for over 20,000 students in the Los Angeles area, and by doing that are improving graduation rates, encouraging creativity, and empowering youthful self-awareness.


TS: How many hours a day do you work on AA?

ZH: This depends on the week – but most days I work on Angeleno Artistry for about 7 hours, and other entrepreneurial pursuits for 2 or 3.


TS: What were some big moments in the company’s history?

ZH: There have been a couple of big moments that, looking back, helped shape Angeleno Artistry into what it has become today. The first was securing PS ARTS as an official non-profit partner early on, which was facilitated through my prior working with them from my time at William Morris. Secondly, we were able to launch with a great group of first artists, which included my good friend and one of our favorite artists, Kelcey Fisher, who we were lucky to have involved at such an early stage. Since then, it has been a series of great involvement from high-level artists such as WRDSMTH, 2wenty, Greg Auerbach and Plastic Jesus, and exciting brand partnerships with companies such as Wanderlust Yoga, Bezar, and Tapiture. Another great moment was hosting our first sold-out pop up art show at LA Modernism in April of 2015.



Greg Auerbach


TS: How many employees does AA have?

ZH: We are a currently a team of four, with a couple of people that help out on a part-time contract basis. It’s a lot for a small team but they are all incredible people and great at what they do.


TS: What stage is the business at right now?

ZH: Angeleno Artistry is in an exciting time of growth and development. This month marks a year in business for us, and we’re in the midst of shifting our focus to a larger scale operation.


TS: How exactly do you monetize since art is such a difficult industry to make money in?

ZH: Finding new ways to monetize the art industry is our biggest challenge, but also the entire reason we wanted to get into this industry in the first place. Art is such an impactful, inspirational industry full of social critiques, celebration of life, and encouragement of self-discovery; so it has been sad to see it lessened to the cold gallery and art show experience that keeps most young people away. Our mission has been to provide affordable and relatable modern ways for a broad, young demographic to begin learning about and collecting art.


TS: What were some obstacles you had to overcome before you started to monetize and what kept you going?

ZH: Finding ways to cut costs while still creating beautiful products and paying out our artists, and PS ARTS, is always the biggest challenge; the art industry is tough to make it in monetarily to begin with, much less after giving away a large portion of your profits. But we firmly believe that millennials will continue to value the idea that purchasing a product doesn’t have to be the end of the transaction – that your decision to buy something can sincerely improve other’s lives in an authentic fashion. It has absolutely been difficult, but things are looking bright, and I can’t wait to see where this ride takes us.


TS: What are your future aspirations for it?

ZH: While working with some of Los Angeles’ best and brightest artists to create limited edition art prints has been a blast, we know that there is a lot more we can do for our customers, the artists, and for the students who deserve creative classes at school. As a result, next month we will have a completely redesigned and expanded site, and we will begin officially selling affordable original art, artist-designed apparel, and other products; as well as, of course, our limited edition art prints. As we continue to evolve into a complete platform for young people to discover and purchase art, while giving back in the process, we hope to spur a movement towards a return to the collaboration with and support of local artists over big-box retailers and foreign corporations.


TS: Any future partnerships or collaborations?

ZH: Always! A few of our favorite collaborations that are in store are new installments and shows at the amazing new Wanderlust Yoga Studio in Hollywood, work with LA Fashion Week later this month, and a bunch more that we gotta keep under wraps! But definitely stay tuned.


TS: What’s been the toughest aspect of starting the company?

ZH: Loaded question – over the past two years there is almost always a new hurdle or challenge on a daily basis – but that’s what makes it exciting and rewarding. Product development to the point of being truly happy with the work, dealing with web developers, managing budgets, and putting out fires have all been challenges, but happy to say they’ve made us the company we are today and we’re excited about what’s next.


TS: Any advice or tips you could offer to artists out there trying to turn their hobbies into a business?

ZH: The art world is so interesting to me as an entrepreneur because each individual artist is, him or herself, an entrepreneur running a company complete with branding, marketing, and sales. The development of an artist’s career is solely based on the ability to develop their brand into a recognizable and monetizable entity that people will relate to and invest in; just like a start up company. It’s extremely difficult for anyone to ever turn actual profit out of their art if it is not their 100%, entire focus because of this, just like it’s much more difficult to start a successful company if it’s just your ‘hobby’.

Allan Kingdom –  “Evergreens”

If you haven’t heard of Allan Kingdom, it’s about time we change that. This young rapper out of St. Paul, Minneapolis has been gaining buzz at an exponential rate, mainly since he dropped his killer EP Future Memoirs that you can download here.  His work with Plain Pat (who you may remember from Kid Cudi’s A Kid Named Cudi, which had one of my favorite productions of all time) earned him some attention from Kanye West.

That attention led to him being side by side with Kanye, Theophilus London, Skepta and tons of other UK performers for the All Day Performance at the BRIT Awards, a day that he cited changed his life.


To intro you to the world of Allan Kingdom, take a listen to this crazily addictive track called Evergreens below and let us know your thoughts!

5 Tips From Jake Osmun: The New Wave of Entrepreneurs

Straight from the newly well-funded Complex Magazine comes an inspiring article about the newest type of entrepreneur on the scene today.  Jake Osmun is the epitome of the modern-day self-made man using the most basic resources a kid has these days to grow his reach. With nothing more than an instagram and a fortunate spot working at Virgil Abloh’s venture RSVP Gallery, he took himself from grinding in the dark to bright and sunny days.

Now Jake Osmun is Vic Mensa’s personal tour photographer and has moved up to a full-time position in the creative department of RSVP Gallery.  Not too bad for a kid who suddenly moved to Chicago and had to build himself professionally from the ground up.  Did we mention he’s only 20 years old? In terms of inspiration, this article is full of it.  Here’s 5 tips this kid can give us from his experiences so far:



1. Make The Move

When you’re stuck in a professional rut and your circumstances aren’t working out, moving to a new city isn’t a terrible idea.  Not only does it freshen things up but it gives you a new sense of confidence that it’s just you out here.  Win or lose, thats your choice.


2. Use Your Resources

Jake is the perfect example of someone making the most out of what they’ve got.  He not only used the usual Instagram (every amateur photographer’s favorite asset) strategy to gain a following but he didn’t neglect in-person networking either.  In my experience the people you meet can provide you with make-or-break opportunities simply because you’ve jumped the very big hurdle of “but what are you like in person??”.  Once people get a feel that you are who you say you are, things start moving along much quicker.

Jake also used the resources at his job to boost his knowledge and relevance.  He cites working at RSVP Gallery as a huge help in terms of gaining “more respect and understanding for clothes, fit, design, colors, and all that”.  Remember, soak up all that you can around you. There’s always more valuable information around than there is time to learn it all. Make the most of it.


3. Be Proactive

In life there are two types of people, proactive and reactive.  Reactive people wait for something to happen to them. Proactive people go out there and make it happen.  While there are people who facilitated Jake’s success along the way and helped him out, it’s no secret that none of it would’ve happened if he didn’t actively put himself in those situations.  Moving to Chicago, working in a high-profile spot, broadening his reach on Instagram and even the introduction he initiated at a meet-and-greet with Vic Mensa are all his doing. Get out there and make it happen.


4. Stay True To Yourself

This is one of the most important tips he gave in the interview.  In this day and age when we are all our own brand, authenticity is essential.  You will get nowhere if your brand isn’t believable and the only way to do that is to be yourself entirely.  The second you forget who you are, you forget who your peers are as well.  If you never lose sight of the grind and don’t get ahead of yourself, remember to be nice to those around you, one nice interaction can lead to an introduction which can lead another and next thing you know you’re shooting for Vic Mensa.


5. Never Give Up

And there you have it. The fifth and crucial tip.  On your road to your dreams, keep going.  The limits we have in this life are the ones that we set for ourselves.  Make it as far as you can see and once you get there, you’ll be able to see a whole lot more.  If you do that over and over there is no limits to what you can accomplish.


Needless to say, we don’t even know this guy and we’re already fans of his.  Head to Complex for the entire interview and article.

Ashton Travis is a young dude from Texas who’s been grinding in the right circles for some time, garnering such affiliates as Travi$ Scott and Kanye West, according to his Instagram.


Although he remains below the radar for now, this track is one I’ve had in my favorites since the first time I heard it, literally 4 years ago.  It’s smooth and jazzy tempo compliments the male/female back and forth vocals with a chorus that packs a punch line you didn’t see coming…


“I’m looking out the window………… and I hope I never see you again”


Listen below and take this chance to wind down: