5 Common Mistakes Copywriters Make

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These 5 Rookie Mistakes are Getting Your Work Overlooked

There is no blue print to the perfect copy but there are general things writers can avoid.  I found a great Foundr interview by esteemed copywriter Joanna Wiebe who gave some tips on how to write engaging content that really resonates with fans, customers, and followers. Here is what I took away from what Joanna had to say on common mistakes writers make:

Sounding Too Polished

The hardest thing for people to do is be themselves in every situation, especially when it comes to business. We have been conditioned to “sound” professional and it is killing our ability to connect with people. Talk normal.

Using “Obvious” Words

Personally, I cannot tell you how many times I see the words “motivating”, “resource”, “platform”, “lifestyle”, and “empowering”. If tons of other entrepreneurs and creatives are using them, you shouldn’t be using them. I have to say I’m guilty of doing this myself. Cracking open the thesaurus as we speak…

Being Simple and Straight To The Point

Being concise is great, but being “simple” may not always work in your favor. Straight to the point is can be dull and it typically will not catch someone’s attention. Wiebe wasn’t necessarily in favor of being long winded but the point she was trying to get across was this: Pack a punch with how you express yourself.

Trying to “Think” of Great Copy

Your best copy is not a thought in your head. Go out and look for words your followers are actually using. Look in forums, Youtube comments, and use words that come up in natural language.

Playing it Safe

Safe is boring and it won’t get you noticed. Joanna said it best- “If it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not doing it right”

You can catch Johanna’s full Founder interview here.

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