3 Entrepreneurs You Should Follow on Instagram Now

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We’ve hand-picked three entrepreneurs that you should follow on Instagram for inspiration.

All of them started from nothing…now all of them are living the American dream.
Their range of industries span from bicycle wholesaling to $100 million real estate investments, yet they all have one thing in common… the suffocating desire to succeed. Now they pass on their wisdom to their loyal followers via Instagram in hope of inspiring people around the world just like them.

Give their pages a peek and see if it gives you that daily dose of inspiration you crave…

@mannykhoshbin – From homeless to real estate mogul, Manny Khoshbin was an immigrant living in a broken down car selling nuts and dried fruit door to door. He now boosts not only a $100 million+ real estate portfolio, but one of the world’s greatest automobile collections. If you’re into expensive toys, his lifestyle alone is inspiring.

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@agentsteven – Steven Mehr started his first business at age 16 selling electronics, and became a multimillionaire by age 26, all while putting himself through law school at night. He has founded and sold over a dozen companies and continues to travel the world speaking at events and motivational rallies.

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@michel__issa – Swedish entrepreneur Michel Issa spent 10 years of his life studying as a monk, but one day felt another calling. After being turned down for a job at a fast food chain, the unemployed 24 year old decided to apply the philanthropic teachings of monks to business. 3 years later he owns 7 companies ranging from hotels to bicycle sales. This humble multimillionaire has won dozens of awards for entrepreneurship and philanthropy in countries around the world.

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